Athlete Registration

Athlete and Volunteer Registration Day will be held in August for the coming season which runs from September to June. You can also register by mail or at the first session of your chosen sport(s). Registration is ongoing throughout the year provided that there is room in the programs. Athletes and coaches must have completed SOBC Registration form and SOBC Surrey medical form prior to participating in any sport.


Programs are open to individuals with an intellectual disability and are designed to increase fitness levels, develop individual and/or team skills and to promote sportsmanship and fair play. No person shall, on the grounds of gender, race, religion, ability level, or financial constraint be excluded from participation. Please note, however, that some sports may require good upper body strength and coordination. Minimum age is eight for sports programs. Active Start minimum age is 2. If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please contact Sheila Snell (Registration Coordinator).


For liability and safety reasons, the medicals of each athlete participating in a program (or competition) must be on-site. An athlete cannot participate in the day’s events (training or competition) if there is not a current completed medical on hand, regardless of whether they or their guardian, give their authority to participate without one.

Head Coaches should ensure that they have up-to-date medicals, especially prior to attending a competition. Please forward any changes in contact information, medications, allergies, etc. to the Registration Coordinator as soon as possible.

How To Register


If you were not registered with SOBC in the previous year we require a Athlete Registration Form for SOBC Provincial Office, this is a one-time requirement.

We also require a Athlete Medical Form. This form must be completed each new season, even if there are no changes to the information.


If you were registered with SOBC Surrey last year, then we require only the Medical Form.


You can mail the forms to Sheila Snell, Registration Coordinator c/o #1 5708 208 Street, Langley V4A 8L4 or you can email the completed PDF form directly to Sheila Snell

Payment of Fees

There is a $25.00 Registration Fee per season, a season runs from September to June. There are also additional fees for some sports. This may be paid by cash, money order or cheques payable to SOBC Surrey.

In an effort to provide opportunities for those with the limited income we are offering access to a number of sports for ONE FEE of $10.00. $25.00 registration fee plus $10.00 sports fee gets an athlete access to the following sports for the season: Rhythmic Gymnastics, Basketball, Powerlifting, Floor Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Track & Field, Bocce Ball, Active Start/FUNdamentals

Swimming is $30.00

Curling is $30.00

10 Pin Bowling is $185.00

5 Pin Bowling is paid to Scottdale Lanes, the cost is $200.00

Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Nordic & Alpine Skiing, and Snowshoeing are all offered in cooperation with other facilities or clubs – payment is made directly to the facility and then you send your receipt to us for applicable reimbursement.

Cheque/Money Orders can be mailed with Registration Forms to Jennifer, or fees can be paid at the sport program in cash or by cheque/money order.

Downloadable Forms

Athlete Registration Form

Athlete Medical Form